Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance Privacy Policy

Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance is bound by the National Privacy

Principles (NPPs) under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (“Privacy Act).

Competitiv Towing  RoadsidAssistance  takethese   obligations seriously  and has adopted policies and procedures to ensure that  all personal information is dealt with in accordance with the Privacy Act.

The Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance Privacy Policy explains the approach adopted by Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance in relation to the collection and handling of personal information.

1.      Consent

1.1    By  using the Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance website at (“the Website”) and any of the services   provided by Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance as outlined in the Terms and Conditions (“the Services) you consent to the Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance Privacy Policy, you may not use the Website or make use of the Services. Information gathered through the Website may be transferred, used, and stored by Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance, its agents, and users of the Website and the Services.

1.2    If you access the Website and use the Services you consent to the use of your personal information.

2.      Why is Personal Information Collected?

2.1    Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance collects personal information to conduct its business, and to provide and market the Services.

2.2    Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance’s Services have

been established with a dual purpose:

2.2.1   to provide towing  and roadside assistance services;


2.2.2   to provide individuals with the opportunity to apply for membership for roadside assistance.

2.3    Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance collects personal information about you through the Website.


2.4    If personal information is not provided, Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance may not be able to supply the Services.

3.      What Personal Information is Collected?

3.1  The type of information Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance may collect and hold includes personal information about you, and any person or who attempts to use the Website and the Services.

3.2    The nature of the information Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance may  collect in order to  provide the Services includes personal information submitted through the Website, which information can be used to identify you, and includes but is not limited to:

3.2.1   names

3.2.2   addresses

3.2.3   contact details

3.2.4   financial information

3.2.5   family details

3.2.6   criminal record/prior convictions

3.2.7   ethnic origin

3.2.8   religion

3.2.9    trade union details

3.2.10 government agency identifiers

4.      How your Personal Information is Used and Disclosed?

4.1    Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance mause and disclose your personal information for the primary purpose for which it is collected, for reasonably expected secondary purposes, which are related to the primary purpose and for any other purpose authorised by the Privacy Act.

4.2    In general, Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance will use and disclose your personal information for the following purposes:

4.2.1   conducting its business;

4.2.2   providing and marketing the Services;

4.2.3   communicating with you;

4.2.4   complying with its legal obligations;

4.2.5   helping to manage and enhance the Services.

4.2.6   to service  providers and otheagents  engaged to perform functions on its behalf such as processing of payments, provision of data storage, hosting of the Website, marketing of Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance’s Services.

4.3    Threlevant   organisations   thaCompetitivTowing  & Roadside Assistance may disclose your personal information to are those involved in managing, validatinoadministering youapplication, engagement such as  third  party suppliers, users of the Website, organisations providing services engaged by it, professional associations, posting services and advisers;

4.4    The Website and the Services may provide links to third party sites. Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance is not responsible for the privacy policies, practices or the content of websites owned by others that you may link to through the Websitothamay   blinkethrougthServices. Accordingly you are encouraged to review the privacy policies and terms of service of linked websites so that you understand how   those  websitecollect,  usanshare  personal information.

4.5    Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance operates within

South Australia only.

5.      Who else might see your Personal Information?

5.1    Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance may disclose your personal information to:

5.1.1   other members of the Competitive Towing & Roadside

Assistance group;

5.1.2   other companies or individuals who assist Competitive Towing  RoadsidAssistancin   providinthe Services or who perform functions on its behalf, such as specialist consultants;

5.1.3   government or regulatory authorities;

5.1.4   legal advisers and other professional service bodies that Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance uses from time to time.

6.      How is Personal Information kept Accurate?

6.1     It is the responsibility of each user of the Website and the Services to ensure the personal information   Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance holds about you on the Website is up to date in order for the Services to benefit you.

7.      Management of Personal Information

Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance takes:

7.1    the National Privacy Principals (“NPPs) seriously and ensures reasonable steps are taken to protect the security of personal information. Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance’s personnel are required to respect the confidentiality of personal information and the privacy of individuals.

7.2    Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance takes reasonable steps to ensure only authorised persons are given access to the Website which holds your personal information.

7.3    Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance has implemented security measures to protect the personal information on the Website from;

7.3.1    misuse;

7.3.2   unauthorised access;

7.3.3   improper use;

7.3.4   unauthorised modification;

7.3.5   improper disclosure; and

7.3.6   unlawful destruction or accidental loss.

8.      Archiving

8.1    When you no longer use the services of Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance, your information may be  stored for a period of time.

8.2    Where Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance no longer requires your personal information for a permitted purpose under the NPPs it will take reasonable steps to destroy it.

9.      Identifiers

9.1    Competitive  Towing & Roadside Assistance doenot use personal identifiers that have been assigned to you by another agency, eg your tax file number, as a means of identifying you

as an individual. If you provide such information to for a particular purpose, it will not be used for any other purpose but for that for which it was provided.

10.    Transborder Data Flows

10.1   Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance may transfer personal information about you to someone who is in a foreign country only if you consent to the transfer or the transfer is necessary in order to perform the Services.

11.    Sensitive Information

11.1  Some personal information that is collected may be sensitive, and might include information relating to racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religion, trade union or other professional or trade association membership, criminal record, and health information.

11.2   Sensitive information will be used and disclosed only for the purpose for which it was provided or  a directly related secondary purpose, unless you agree otherwise or where certain other limited circumstances apply such as where it is required by law.

12.    Access to Your Personal Information

12.1  Subject to the exceptions set out in the Privacy Act, you may gain access to your personal information from Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance’s privacy officer by sending a request to

12.2  Competitive Towing & Roadside Assistance will require you to verify your identity and to specify what information you require.

12.3  Access will be provided within a reasonable time.

12.4  An administration fee may be charged for providing access.