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Car Towing Adelaide

Competitive Towing Adelaide has over 20 years experience in general CAR, MOTORCYCLE and LIGHT MACHINERY towing. We are police cleared, owner operators. We are committed to supplying the highest level of quality towing service in Adelaide. Competitive Towing provides a free car removal service, in some cases we may pay you for the car. Competitive Towing ADELAIDE covers all Adelaide suburbs and is committed to a clean, environmentally friendly service that helps Keep Australia Beautiful.

Competitive Towing ADELAIDE 0412 080 036 offers you a complete car salvage and 24/7 EMERGENCY towing service which will always be on time for your convenience. Our Tilt Tray is fitted with all new technology in transport methods. Chainless transporting using straps and ratchets are only used.

Car Towing Adelaide

Competitive Towing has transported lots of different cars over the past 20 years

We have all the right equipment for sports and lowered vehicles, we can tow any type of motorbikes, scooters all the way to Harleys.

  • Motorbike towing
  • Shipping containers
  • Small trucks up to 6 tonne
  • Excavators bob cats and forklifts
  • Transport Boats and caravans
  • We even pay cash for unwanted cars
  • We service metropolitan Adelaide and SA country
Competitive Towing Adelaide

Competitive Towing Adelaide